Did jealous rage lead ex-girlfriend to allegedly kill gay East Point police officer?

Det. R. Hudson from the Fulton County Police Department was the sole witness to testify today and described how Crystal Parker was found in her bed with a bullet wound to the back of her head. Crystal Parker’s two-story home is located on Creel Road in unincorporated Fulton County.

Hudson said the wound was a “close contact” wound, meaning the gun was either pressed against Crystal Parker’s head when fired or no more than an inch away. There did not appear to be a struggle nor was there forced entry into the home, he said.

Hudson also said Crystal Parker and Danielle Parker had been dating some six years and living together for about three years. The two even had a commitment ceremony. The two broke up and Danielle Parker moved out of Crystal Parker’s home a couple weeks before the July 4th holiday weekend, Hudson said. Crystal Parker had also recently started dating a new woman who lives in Florida.

Although the two had broken up weeks before, there was still some intimacy taking place. According to testimony, Danielle Parker was at Crystal Parker’s home the night of July 3 when Crystal Parker finished her shift with the East Point Police Department at midnight. Crystal and Danielle spent the night together at Crystal’s house.

Police also interviewed a man who wanted to date Danielle Parker. Danielle Parker told him she was going to Crystal Parker’s home to retrieve her gun and gun license as well as some other personal belongings. While on the phone with him, Danielle Parker allegedly said, “This motherfucker just woke up.” The man said he told Danielle to leave the house.

And then, according to the prosecution, “something happened.”

“We know that they spent the night together on July 3 and the next morning Crystal called her new girlfriend in Florida,” said Fulton Assistant District Attorney Ana-Helena R. Allen.

“That morning of the 4th of July, something happened and Crystal ended up dead in her own bed. Something happened over the summer that led the two to break up,” Allen said. Like many adult relationships, sometimes letting completely go wasn’t very easy, Allen explained.

With Crystal Parker, Danielle Parker led a life filled with plenty of money —they had to two joint banking accounts — lived in a nice home and the two took lots of trips together.

“But for all intents and purposes they were over and Danielle Parker was now living in her little brother’s bedroom in her mother’s home and witn no car,” Allen said. “And the next thing you know [on July 4] she moves money from Crystal’s account to their joint account and goes about her business running errands and never reports anything.”

Allen said Crystal Parker called her new girlfriend in Florida on July 4 at 5:30 a.m. Police estimate Crystal Parker was killed between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Hudson also testified that Crystal Parker’s cell phone was not located in her home during the investigation. Cell phone records show that Danielle Parker’s phone and Crystal Parker’s phone were in very close proximity for much of the day on July 4.

He also testified that Crystal Parker’s girlfriend in Florida stated she received Facebook notifications that she believed were coming from Crystal but were vulgar and sexual in nature and not the typical language Crystal used with her.

Constant, during cross-examination, asked Hudson if the shooting appeared to be “execution style.” Hudson declined to use that language. Constant also said that because Crystal Parker was a corporal and a patrol officer with the East Point Police Department, she could have had many enemies who would want her dead.

The family of Crystal Parker sat in a row to themselves during today’s hearing and the courtroom was packed with East Point officers and other of her colleagues. They declined to speak to media after the hearing.


Photo: Danielle Parker’s mug shot. (via Fulton County Sheriff’s Department)