Macon Telegraph reverses decision to not publish lesbian wedding announcement

In regards to the notice submitted for publication in The Telegraph and after further review it will publish on August 26th as requested. We will send a proof prior to publication for approval. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Today, the couple expressed gratitude for the decision.

“We’re pleased that the Telegraph will recognize our marriage alongside heterosexual marriages, and we hope the paper will take the next step and enact a permanent policy ensuring that all future same-sex wedding announcements will be published,” they said in a statement.

“Although these weddings may not be recognized by the state of Georgia, six states and Washington, DC, already do recognize them, and we’re making strides for equality every day. A newspaper’s role is not to enforce outdated laws or promote inequality, but to report the facts — and the fact is that is that our union will be real and valid to us, just like the unions of thousands of other same-sex couples around the country.”

The Macon Telegraph last week said it would not publish the announcement, stating in an email to Wilson it is “not able to accept … same sex announcements at this time. It is not recognized as legal in Georgia and therefore we are unable to publish them.”

Photo: Rachel Hussey (right) of Macon, Ga., and her future wife, Laura Wilson, wish to have their wedding announcement published in the Macon Telegraph. (Courtesy photo)