Melissa Carter announces on B98.5 she and girlfriend expecting baby

Gay radio personality and GA Voice columnist Melissa Carter announced this morning on B98.5 FM that she and longtime girlfriend Katie Jo are going to have a baby through a surrogate.

On the Jeff & Melissa Morning Show at about 7:30 a.m., Carter tearfully told listeners she was making “one of the biggest announcements she’s ever made” on the radio when she announced she and Katie Jo will be having a baby that is due Oct. 7.

“I am not pregnant,” though, she said. She and Katie Jo are unable to have a baby, but found a carrier who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Eggs extracted from Katie Jo and Carter were inserted into their carrier. At first, the couple was expecting multiple babies but lost one, Carter explained.

“Katie Jo and I are expecting a baby,” Melissa said between tears. “I have shared this story on air [of trying to have a baby].. Katie Jo and I have been together eight years and … six years of those years we’ve been trying to have a baby,” Carter said.

Neither of the women can carry a child for medical reasons. Carter had a kidney transplant many years ago.

The woman carrying their child is 16 weeks pregnant and the due date is Oct. 7, Carter said.

“For six years we have been trying to do this. It didn’t seem real,” when they heard the news the carrier was pregnant. But what made it real was the sound of the baby’s heartbeat, Carter said, as she played it on the radio.

“That’s the sound of the heartbeat of my my child,” she said, holding back tears. “It’s overwhelming.”

The couple has been doing IVF for six years.

In 2010, she told GA Voice about her “Fantastic Four” embryos extracted from her body that were being kept frozen waiting to be implanted into a surrogate. In 2013, she wrote in a GA Voice column that the “Fantastic Four” had been implanted into a carrier, but did not survive.

Listen to this morning’s announcement by clicking here.