Longtime Atlanta radio DJ Melissa Carter, the first openly gay morning radio host in Atlanta, is no longer on the air with B98.5FM’s morning show. Carter, a longtime Georgia Voice columnist, leaves the show after three and a half years.

The popular Atlanta personality was a news reader with The Morning X on alternative rock station 99X but gained major notoriety during her decade on Q100’s The Bert Show. She left that show in 2011 and joined B98.5 in the summer of 2013.

Here’s some more background info from  her agent via the AJC:

The morning host veteran has nearly six months left on her current contract. Norm Schrutt, her agent, said Carter wanted to give the adult pop station time to find a replacement while staying on air but the station decided otherwise. Carter will remain employed with the station through August but it’s unclear if she will have any active role.

Carter, who declined to comment on the move, was open with listeners and Georgia Voice readers about various aspects of her personal life, from suffering through chronic kidney disease that led to a transplant in 2002 to her longtime relationship with partner Katie Jo to the couple’s journey to becoming parents to their breakup in 2015.

Carter’s former co-host Tad Lemire will remain on the show and the station is actively looking for Carter’s replacement.

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  1. Bruce Garner

    I like Melissa Carter and often listened to her show. While I don’t know why she is leaving, I have a suspicion it is because WSB is getting more conservative under the new political administration. When one of their reporters is a guest at an exclusive dinner our new President, I have to question the motivation. Was he there “sucking up” to Trump or demonstrating a desire for a closer relationship between the President and a major news media outlet?

    Perhaps she complained about the rightward direction of WSB?

    At any rate, WSB is not part of my radio listening. WSB TV isn’t part of my television viewing. ABC shows, yes I will watch them. But why should I support WSB when it seems to be heading away from at least a centrist position. Can I trust their news reporting to be unbiased anymore? I get enough of that junk from FOX News.


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