National LGBTQ Media Association Bans Meeting in Georgia Amid Voter Suppression

The National LGBT Media Association (NGMA), composed of the 12 largest LGBTQ publications in the nation including Georgia Voice, recently passed a resolution banning meeting in the state of Georgia.

The nation’s largest LGBTQ media association  resolved to not hold any of its future meetings in the State of Georgia due to the recent passage of draconian voter suppression laws which primarily affect communities of color.

We in the LGBTQ community built a movement fighting for equality, and we stand with those who fight this “Jim Crow, Part 2” legislation in order to make their voice heard and their vote count. Too many people in power wish to keep marginalized communities invisible and without proper representation in government, and we must be vigilant in fighting against their unjust and unfair discrimination. “With these laws, it is now easier to get a gun in Georgia than to vote.” said Leo Cusimano, cochair of NGMA. NGMA and its members, which include members in Georgia, will be boycotting all future meetings in the state until it creates fair election laws that ensure all people have equal and fair access to vote.

NGMA members are in: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Orlando/Tampa, Detroit, Boston and Chicago. NGMA consists of the following publications:

Bay Area Reporter

Bay Windows

Between The Lines

Dallas Voice

Gay City News

Georgia Voice

Philadelphia Gay News

Los Angeles Blade

South Florida Gay News

Washington Blade


Windy City Times

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