From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

On Oct. 5, Rhodes had a phone conversation with Crater and asked who she was referring to at the council meeting. According to the police report, Crater said he didn’t have to worry because the people were moving out of the neighborhood.

“While I understand the need to take this type of threat seriously, I can not allow this type of threat to prevent me from fulfilling my responsibilities to the community. I intend to continue my door-to-door visitations within the community. This includes Ms. Crater’s community (Colonial Hills),” Rhodes said.

Rhodes also denied that he had asked for police protection as he conducted his visits in the neighborhoods this past weekend.

The issue surfaced again during Monday night’s city council meeting. Crater again rose to address the council.

“I was angry, but no I didn’t threaten his life. I did say keep out of the neighborhood or she might shoot you, but probably in the foot,” Crater said.

She added the “pistol packing mama” who issued the threat had left the neighborhood, which brought some levity to the situation.

Rhodes said the hostile situation within the East Point City Council has been brought on by Mayor Earnestine Pittman.

In June, the East Point Council declared the month as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.”

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