It will be another month to find out who’s going to replace Simone Bell in House District 58 as no candidate reached the 50 percent plus one threshold in Tuesday’s special election and it will be headed to a runoff. 24-year-old political newcomer Park Cannon will face off against former state Rep. Ralph Long III on Feb. 16. If elected, Cannon would be the first openly queer person to serve in the state legislature.

Cannon finished with 47 percent of the vote while Long finished with 34 percent and attorney Kwame Thompson with 19 percent. 834 total votes were cast according to Fulton County election results. District 58 includes parts of Midtown, East Point and Dekalb County.

Here’s Cannon’s reaction Tuesday evening via her campaign’s Facebook page:

Bam! You all are AMAZING! Let's go finish up some business in the runoff! Tonight, we celebrate! ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Park Cannon on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Cannon, a women’s wellness advocate for the Feminist Women’s Health Center, was asked to run for the seat by Bell after she resigned last November. She has scored endorsements from Georgia Equality, the Victory Fund and Georgia Stonewall Democrats and has far out-raised her fellow Democratic opponents, raising nearly $18,000 compared to Thompson’s $3,875. Long didn’t file a report.

Cannon made an important distinction in an interview with Georgia Voice regarding her being queer, saying, “I identify as queer, which is different from lesbian. I identify as a person who is carrying with me at all times genderqueer people, asexual people, transgender individuals. That is very different and that is a good thing here in the state of Georgia. As a person who is outspoken about myself and outspoken about my truth, I hope to bring healing to people. I hope to bring excitement to our community who are marginalized and underrepresented.”


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  1. kaym

    District 58 contains none of East Point. All of the areas in HD-58 included are within the city limits of Atlanta in the neighborhoods of Adams Park, Capitol View, Pittsburgh, Peeplestown; not just Midtown and Dekalb County. GA Voice, you all have to do better because there are numerous black LGBTs that live in these areas and this lackadaisical type of reporting shows that the majority of editors and staff doesn’t acknowledge nor care about about the black LGBTs that does not conveniently reside in the Midtown or south of I-20. Research things before you submit because we are in an era where accuracy of even the most minute of details of information is imperative.

  2. Noah

    I have to agree with that response from Kaym concerning accuracy. I live in Adair Park (HD-58) and I automatically felt like the GA Voice was more excited to report on Cannon being queer and less concerned about this district (especially my hood which needs a hell of a lot more attention than Midtown). I hope a fresh face like Cannon can address some of the battles SW Atl faces every day.

  3. Jane Kohut Bartels

    I live in Capitol View and have for 43 years. We have had No representation as our situation in CV has remained the same ol’ same ol’ for all these years. I am white and married and straight, but I know that we have had no attention in all these years. We keep voting for representation and we get nothing. Our elected officials just keep climbing that City/State ladder and our neighborhoods do not improve. No new buildings, new businesses except for the little businesses that don’t account for much in these neighborhoods. I welcome Park Cannon. We will be watching her because all the fools before did absolutely nothing. I did the research and except for bigger buildings on the Metro Campus , and the expansiveness of Salvation Army…nothing is moving here in this SW Atlanta area. The new library is about the only thing of any merit in years!


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