The Savannah City Council is slated to vote on domestic partner benefits tomorrow and local LGBT activists are hopeful for a victory.

Savannah City Council to vote on offering DP benefits

The council meets at 2 p.m. Thursday. Currently on the docket to discuss and vote on is offering domestic partner benefits to city employees, said Kevin Clark, president of Georgia Equality’s Savannah chapter.

“This has been a long haul,” Clark said today. “We [Georgia Equality] started this conversation back in 2007 during the Savannah City Council elections and we asked the candidates if they supported DP benefits.”

Clark said it appears the votes are there for the approval of DP benefits.

“I hope it’s a unanimous vote,” he said. “But clearly there should be a majority including the mayor who will vote in favor of this.”
There are nine members of the Savannah City Council.

Last month, the city held its first Queer Power March and celebrated its 11th annual Savannah Pride fest.