Sequester could knock more than 500 Georgians off AIDS Drug Assistance Program

“A cut in domestic HIV/AIDS programs of 8.2 percent will have a devastating impact on people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) while providing negligible deficit reduction. It will undercut America’s leadership in health research, and will impede the National HIV/AIDS Strategy goals of reducing the rate of new HIV infections, improving access to lifesaving care, and reducing HIV-related health disparities,” the amFAR report states.

Georgia will see more than 500 low-income individuals who rely on ADAP funding to receive life-saving treatments lose their access to care, one of eight states that will see such a large loss in coverage.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is also slated to lose a substantial amount of funding for HIV awareness and prevention efforts. The CDC could lose as much as $64.7 million thanks to the sequester, amFAR reports.

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Top photo: States affected by ADAP funding cuts due to the sequester (courtesy Positively Aware)