Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter address same-sex marriage in Tuesday debates

The U.S. Senate debate tonight in Perry, Georgia, was a rowdy one with panelists and the candidates sometimes having a hard time hearing questions, according to live tweets from several news sources covering the event.

There was plenty of expected jabs between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue, both vying to replace retiring Saxby Chambliss in Congress with many polls showing them in a tight race. Libertarian Amanda Swafford also participated in the debate.

Georgia’s role in the U.S. Senate race is an important one, too. Democrats are trying to fend off a Republican takeover of the House and Senate in the upcoming elections and the Peach State is considered by some to be in play for the Democrats.

Nunn, however, has been battered by some in the LGBT community who say they are unclear about her stance on same-sex marriage. The concern raises from her telling the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last year that she believes same-sex marriage is a states’ rights issue.

The GA Voice has reached out repeatedly seeking an interview with Nunn to no avail.

At Tuesday’s debate, it was Amanda Swafford, who supports marriage equality, who asked Nunn directly what exactly her stance on same-sex marriage is.

Swafford’s stance on same-sex marriage:

AJC reporter Greg Bluestein explained it also to the GA Voice when we asked him via Twitter what Nunn stated:

Robbie Medwed, assistant director of the local gay Jewish organization SOJOURN, tweeted what he said Nunn stated:

Listen to what she said in her own words in the clip below (at the 9:12 mark): And in the gubernatorial debate between Republican incumbent Nathan Deal and Libertarian Andrew Hunt, Democratic candidate Jason Carter is standing out via Twitterverse for his support of same-sex marriage.

And Jason Carter in his own words (at the 4:05 mark):