A report was filed with the Clayton County Police Department, but limitations in the case exist because Lawson is an adult and no suspicious activity is suspected, said Sgt. Kevin Hughes, the department’s public information officer.

Clayton County Police Sgt. Tracy Jakes told GA Voice that police aggressively investigate missing persons reports only under certain conditions.

“Unless there is some reason, a mental illness or Alzheimer’s or something like that, there are restrictions because a person has the right to up and walk out of their previous life,” Jakes said. “We don’t know that’s case.”

Jakes said she understands and sympathizes with the family in cases like these, but acknowledged the department’s limited tools in organizing or investigating missing person searches for adults.

Frustration with the Clayton PD was the motivation to create her own missing person campaign, Alexander said.

When asked how the Clayton County Police Department could help in the search, Alexander said she hoped to gain access to Lawson’s cell phone records.

Lawson’s phone rang for more than a day and a half after she went missing, which could provide clues to her last-known whereabouts based on cell signal triangulation from towers.

“What they could do is get me the cell tower records so we can see where her phone was ringing from. That would help us. Maybe she did run away? Maybe she did travel somewhere. It would help us understand and have a trail. Without cooperation from them, and no support and follow-up, we’re just left sitting here and asking how come no one is helping us,” Alexander said.

“I still don’t have any word on whether they’ve [Clayton Police] received cell phone information,” she added.

Clayton police told GA Voice the last documented location of Lawson’s cell phone and vehicle was in the McDonough area off of Jonesboro Road headed toward the city of McDonough. They did not include a time or date.

“There’s nothing there I saw so major to make her just run away,” Alexander said. “I’ve seen her in some really dark places in life and she never once ran away.”

Alexander said that Lawson may have been suffering from “slight depression,” but added that she believed her girlfriend would not simply run away from any personal difficulties.

“She has family members, a daughter, things in her life that she’s responsible for,” Alexander said.

Alexander appears in “The Other Women of America,” a lesbian reality show under development in Atlanta.

Anyone who has seen or had contact with Lawson is urged to contact the website administrators by phone at 678-480-0147 or email findlisalawson@gmail.com.

Additional information:

5’10, 175 Pounds

She was last seen wearing a red Atlanta Falcons sweatshirt, black sweat pants, and shoes to match. Her brown, blondish/reddish hair is worn in a variety of styles. Sometimes in an afro style, braided, and twisted.

She drives a Dark Green 2001 Chevy Suburban with Tags from Henry County, PAN6028.

She has a tattoo of an exploding heart on her right upper arm and a colorful Ying/Yang on her right calf. Her cell phone has been dead since 11/21 and is currently untraceable.

Lisa has a large family and many friends in the Atlanta area that are worried sick and want to know she is okay. If you have seen her, anywhere in the country, please reach out to us. We will investigate any lead you can provide.

Please take a look at this video and share it with all of your social media outlets.

Also, please click the Media button to send an email to national and local news outlets asking them to run her story.

Because Lisa is an adult, local law enforcement is not placing her disappearance as a priority. News Outlets won’t run her story unless they get a priority directive from the Clayton County Investigator. We need the support of the community to help find Lisa.

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Top photo: Lisa Lawson (courtesy findlisalawson.com)

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