Walmart has fired a Marietta man who tweeted out that the shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub that left 50 dead was “someone doing community service.”

The incident started Sunday afternoon when a man using the account @IWillTryLater tweeted out “Y’all see a Gay club shooting as a horrible tragedy. I see it as someone doing Community Service.” As of this morning the man’s Twitter profile said he lives in Marietta, but he has since deleted his location. The Facebook profile for a man matching his description and former job title lists his location as Marietta, Georgia.

First tweet

Another user then tweeted screenshots of the offending tweets to Walmart and asked that disciplinary action be taken.

By Monday evening, Walmart tweeted back that they had fired the man.

The man has since deleted his original tweets and replaced his cover photo with one showing himself in a Walmart vest making an obscene gesture. When asked for further comment, Walmart’s corporate office referred us to their original response on Twitter, which came from their official corporate press account and included the original tweet in question. Store managers at Marietta-area Walmarts did not return calls for comment.

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  1. Dean

    Just a reminder: “Freedom of Speech” means the government is not allowed to keep you from saying what you want. It does *not* mean that you’re free from criticism and consequences of your actions.

    • Rhonda Browning

      If he did it as a representative of Walmart or on the job, they had a right to fire him. If he did it as a private citizen, he has the right to be wrong and to suffer the consequences, but not to be fired for using his freedom of speech. Islamic terrrorists have a right to exist. They do not have a right to commit acts of violence. Fundamentalists who call themselves Christians but don’t follow Jesus and celebrate when gays are killed, have a right to exist and practice their perversion. They don’t have a right to push that perversion on others.

      • George Washington

        Actually no there isn’t a “right” to be employed by Wal-Mart while also being a bigot – try reading The Constitution.

      • Cheryl Courtney-Evans

        How could anyone have known he worked at WalMart if he didn’t make it known? Therefore he brought the conseqences he suffered on his own stupid butt. He may have a right to his opinion, but others have a right to react to that opinion as they see fit. GOOD FOR WALMART.

  2. David B.

    Now, if we all can just keep it going so everyone knows about what this idiot said so no one- no company will hire this sick individual.

      • Tim

        Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech.

      • Mel

        And companies are allowed to not hire him for his vile opinion.

      • Weston

        Stop hiding behind the euphemism of “opinion.” That’s hate speech. It’s violent. It’s inherently prejudiced. His words directly contribute to the climate of hatred encompassing the LGBT community–the same climate attributed to this heinous attack. Call it for what it is.

      • greg

        He is most entitled to his opinion. The rest of us are erqually entitled to treat him with the same level of respect he’s given. We can all treat him like he’s already dead.

      • You make me sick

        And his opinion show’s He’s a sick bastard as are you for defending him.

      • rick

        If it was someone in your famWhat if it was someone in your family? Would you still keep it as f.o.s?

      • Tim O'Daniel

        He’s allowed to have an opinion. And he’s an “at will” employee which means he can be terminated for any reason with a few exceptions.

      • Kevin Mitchell

        Yes he does have a right to a bigoted opinion, but an employer also has the right to do the right thing and remove him from their payroll. As an African American you would think that he would find this massacre of innocent people appalling. Just shows that bigots come in all colors, genders, and nationalities.

      • donna

        he used his freedom of speech to say very hateful things and as a consequence for doing so .. they used their freedom of firing the person. just because u have the right to say something .. doesnt mean it’s the right thing to do …. u want to say it.. say it . then man up when u feel the repercussions..

  3. evonnecropolis

    As a Wal-Mart associate, I was appalled by this.
    This person does not represent the rest of us.

    • wendy

      i agree. i work at wall-mart as well and i was embarrassed that he was one of the family.he would of felt different if it wold of been a race thing instead of a gay thing. the fact that people died and were injured is enough to to be a tragedy. i dont care if they r gay, straight, black, white, or purple with pink polka dots. point is someone lost a son, a daughter, a sister, a brother, or just a friend. its sad people, look out side of the box.

      • ezzie

        The name of the company is Walmart. If you work there, you should know that.

    • Sabreena Lachlainn

      I too work for Walmart and am a Transgender Woman, I have worked for Store 2559 for 6 years and I applaud Walmart for doing the right thing and taking a stand against bigotry and hate. I have been treated by my store with nothing less than complete respect and gratitude.

  4. Rob

    But yet if someone made this same remark about the Charleston church shootings in reference to black people he would have been appalled … amazing how some people can’t seem to grasp the concept that hate crimes like the Orlando shooting and the Charleston Church Shootings are crimes against all of us.

  5. Bernadette Telfare

    People call the president names. Praise the killing of African Americans daily. The list can go on and on. Could someone tell me? Did they lose their job? I’m just saying!

  6. Dakota

    Has anyone sent a copy of his tweet and info to the FBI……specially important now that he has been fired. This is a rhetorical question, in that I have already notified the FBI. I just wanted to demonstate that alerting the authorities when this kind of stuff pops up is necessary. Not that we, as Americans, should become spies on each other. No Way. But when a message is so flagrant, followed by a loss of job, we need to take a tiny first step toward averting a possible revenge mass shooting and get the offender the mental health services he needs ASAP.

    • Nicetry

      Are you kidding me?!
      Revenge shooting? ! For being fired from Walmart? ! And do you really think this is cause for an fbi investigation? ! Smh

    • La'Dene Bean

      Whoa!! FBI, for what?? White racist terrorist groups spout hatred all the time and no one call the FBI over it. Mexican American are targeted by legal Law Enforcement and those pigs say God aweful things, and no one calls the FBI. WHY???

      The deplorable things this man said are just that deplorable, until all racist comments made online are similarly dealt with, the termination of job, I get it, protect the Company. Why further punish? He is black and will have hard enough time getting a job anyway.

  7. Bart

    Anyone find it peculiar he has a full beard….like that typical of an observant Muslim?

    • CC

      Bart, radicalized Muslims make up one-one hundredth of one percent of those who follow the religion. He could be Muslim. He’s definitely an asshole. But your comment doesn’t help anything.

    • ashum

      Also typical of an observant Sikh…it doesn’t really mean that much with simple arbitrary inference. He is without the appropriate headgear if he were Sikh or Muslim. There are plenty of bearded men who are gamers, maybe we should start blaming shooting games as so many do. I hope you realise the danger assumptions can lead to. I am well aware of Islam as with the other Abrahamic scripts being anti-gay hence I am Secular Humanist. It can be an influence no doubt, but it’s silly to go ‘ahh beard…probably Muslim’. It’s a beard ffs. I have a beard, I also have olive skin and black facial hair, there are days I look in the mirror and look like what people regard a ‘stereotypical Muslim’. Asifa Lahore however is a muslim but is nothing like the stereotype – a Sufi Londn Drag Queen.The man also looks African-American, there is a big conservative Church in that sort of community – He could be either or neither. He could be a simply overly masculine man with an axe to grind as he feels threatened by gay men of his own volition.

  8. Butch

    Walmart did what they thought was right apparently but they should have contacted the FBI first , Anyone who makes a comment like this should be investigated by the FBI and deported. Period ! no questions asked.

    • Fred

      Sure Butch, just bring in government to “solve” your problems. Can’t you just disagree and walk away? Can’t you be a man?

    • Ron T

      Hey Butch Deported to where if he is an American. Comments like that just shows how Stupid You really are.

    • Amanda

      And just where do you propose they deport an American citizen to? No, I am not defending him, because this was several kinds of skewed, but your comment makes no sense.

    • Dale


      Your reply assumes he was not born here and is not an American. You might be wrong. Just a thought.

      No, I am not supporting the guy, just pointing out that not everyone that makes rude comments (the person in question, not you) is from someplace else.

    • Josh

      How are you going to deport a black guy? Duh? He obviously American if he works at Walmart!! You’re defending something,criticizing other. His attitude was disgusting tho,I’m glad he lost his job

    • Paul

      See this is where the First Amendment does protect this man. I feel the actions taken were proportionate to what was said. He certainly can’t be deported, especially if he is a natural born citizen, but even if he is an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen, the First Amendment protects him from any sort of legal retribution. The company that employed had the choice to punish him for his statement, as they did not want someone with his beliefs representing their company, they chose to terminate his employment. The government cannot take any legal action, based on his statements alone. Now if they chose to investigate him, and found that he is involved in criminal activity, then prosecution would be in order.

  9. Cerbian Kamarote

    That’s what I call community service. Justice is served. Thank you Walmart.

  10. Jay Rasco

    Unfortunate and interesting that an African American would say such a thing since it was also said of that ethnic group in the not to distant past as well as of the native Americans. You might think there would be more progress in our society. SAD.

  11. Keith

    Such a short sighted statement. I’m sure those who support All Lives Matter pretty much think the same about Black Lives Matter. Wake up.

  12. Jimmy Palmieri

    This man is demonstrating closet case latent homosexual desires. in other words i believe he is gay. he has internalized homophobia and now the world knows it. all i can say is if he comes to west hollywood with that attitude, he will know what it is like to deal with angry gay men. but again I BELIEVE HE IS GAY.

  13. ted

    Apprently the man has issues if his response is to give the finger in a walmart vest. If he had shown contrition i don’t think he should have been fired from his job for saying something like that. And I am gay.

    • Mel

      I’m gay and I absolutely think he should have been fired and hopefully fully investigated by the authorities. Maybe he can get some help and take some anger management classes. 50 of LGBT people just died because of some asshole like him

  14. Michael

    He’s a hate fill bigot who should remember his own history and in all honesty I bet he was secretly taking it in the tush….

  15. Coachbad

    As one Republican politician said recently, quoting the Bible, about our President, “May his days be few…”

  16. Scott

    I’m glad he’s been promoted to customer status at Walmart. And to comment on the first amendment every one is protected by free speech from
    Legal repercussions however socially unacceptable behavior does guarantee you a job

  17. Larry Dague

    Why do they automatically call these freaks “man”? It shouldn’t be a word that you get free with age.

  18. andre

    He just dont have COMMON SENSE. He is indeed stupid and Ignorant. I say it all the time, you cant buy COMMON SENSE!!!


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