WATCH: Video of anti-gay pastor urging Georgia lawmakers to outlaw ‘erotic liberty’

Jim Galloway at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution first let people know that Rev. Bryan Wright of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta preached about “erotic liberty versus religious liberty” during his prayer before the Georgia House of Representatives on Jan. 14.

Now he’s found video of the sermon. And it is disheartening, disgusting and depressing. According to Wright, the battle of good over evil is in full force in Georgia. That evil? People of the same sex who love each other and who want their relationships and families legally recognized.

“Those who serve in government are a minister of God, a servant of God. And government has three key roles: it is to punish evil, it is to uphold justice, it is to work for the command good,” Wright says.

“In that light we are dealing with some interesting issues in our day and religious liberty is one of those interesting issues. You see, we are living in a society that is on a collision course with the choice between erotic liberty and religious liberty,” Wright adds and says Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s firing of Kelvin Cochran is an example of what our culture is going to see “in erotic liberty versus religious liberty.”

“Even though the majority of your constituency have now embraced erotic liberty as a primary virtue over religious liberty,” he adds, “I hope that you men and women will consider our heritage in thinking about the role of government and not only in protecting the citizens and administering justice but also working with the common good.”

Watch the entire sermon here.