The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has launched their 2019 LGBTQ Voting Experience Survey to better understand the LGBTQ community’s experience with voting and potential barriers they may face at the polls.

The 15- to 30-minute-long anonymous survey includes questions regarding your experiences with the voting process, reasons you may or may not vote, reasons you may be ineligible to vote, and how you think your experience could change.

The goal of this survey is to better understand the systematic barriers the LGBTQ community – particularly transgender people and LGBTQ people of color – may face when trying to vote.

Participation is voluntary. Participants will not receive payment or compensation of any kind for participating, but the findings of the HRCF’s research will benefit the LGBTQ community.

If you wish to take the survey, you can here. Any questions you have before taking the survey can be directed towards the HRCF research team at either 202-628-4312 or

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