List of Top 100 Companies that are LGBTQ Allies Launched

LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings has officially launched the first environmental, social, and government index to ever reference the LGBTQ community—the LGBTQ100.

The LGBTQ100 index will be an annual index comprised of 100 LGBTQ equality-driven companies. This year’s list includes companies like Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix.

Criteria for the index include: the company nurturing and promoting equality in the workplace across genders and sexual orientations, the company maintaining a record of loyalty and brand awareness among LGBTQ community members in the U.S., and the company possessing consistently strong financial performance.

“While we have made great gains in combating prejudice based on gender identity or sexual orientation, the fight is not over,” said Barney Frank, a member of the LGBTQ Loyalty board of directors. “The establishment of the LGBTQ100 Index is a logical next step in this effort.”

A survey administered through The Harris Poll will ask respondents about their attitudes about companies and about what values and issues they consider critical to LGBTQ consumers.

“The launch of an Index indicates a significant milestone for our company as it materialized our long-standing mission in partnership with the LGBTQ community to enhance industry standards for advancing equality in the marketplace,” said CEO of LGBTQ Loyalty Bobby Blair. “[We’re creating a] benchmark of companies that we believe have earned our loyalty and dynamic spending power.”