California Instates Third Gender Option on State IDs

California will offer a third “non-binary” gender option on IDs and driver’s licenses this year, reported KRON4.

The Gender Recognition Act, or SB 179, was signed by Governor Jerry Brown last October. Those who do not identify as male or female will be allowed to apply for the third gender marker.

“For me, it was surprising to see this change,” said transgender activist and member of Trans Family Support Services Al Johnson. “Not only does it mean we’re being recognized by society and the people around us, but we’re also being recognized by government entities as valid and real people.”

According to the Guardian, having a gender-congruent ID “can help non-binary and trans people in their daily interactions and transactions where they may be misgendered or denied basic recognition.”

Many were supportive of and excited about the news.

California residents interested in applying for the change were encouraged by the California DMV to schedule an appointment as early as January 2.