Democrats reintroduce ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ to repeal gay marriage ban

“DOMA did something never done before in U.S. History: it said the federal government will pretend that an entire class of legally married couples is not really married due to other people’s religious or moral views about them, or because they don’t fit how a declining number of people envision ‘family,’” Pizer added.

House Republicans, lead by Speaker of the House John Boehner, have promised to defend DOMA in court. According to the Washington Blade, the House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Committee voted 3 to 2 last week to approve the law’s defense. Democratic leaders were quick to point out that the legal system will determine the constitutionality of the law whether or not the House intervenes.


Top photo: House Speaker John Beohner vows to defend DOMA in federal court. (official photo)