First Trans Person Murdered This Year in Alabama

Transgender woman Dana Martin from Alabama was murdered on Sunday – the first reported murder of a trans person in the U.S. in 2019.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, Martin, 31, was fatally shot and found in a wrecked vehicle in a ditch in Montgomery, appearing to be shot while driving. Police currently have no leads.

LGBTQ activists Meta Ellis and Harvey McDaniel, who work for Montgomery Pride United, told Attitude she was indeed an African American trans woman. Martin’s gender was not mentioned in the original report from the Montgomery Advertiser and some other outlets misgendered her.

Ellis and McDaniel told Attitude that they have been in touch with police about using her correct pronouns. They intend to reach out to her family, as well.

At least 26 trans people were murdered last year in the U.S – most being women of color. 74 percent were misgendered or deadnamed by police or the media.