Gay man victim in N.C. campus shooting, gunman still on run

A gay man was killed in a North Carolina campus shooting Monday and police are still searching for the suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.

Ron Lane, who is gay, was killed earlier today at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, N.C., where he had worked in the print shop for 18 years. The suspect is Kenneth Morgan Stancil, 20.

The college was on lockdown as law enforcement searched for the gunman. Police have said the shooting was not random. Q Notes, the LGBT newspaper based in Charlotte, N.C., is reporting Stancil may have white supremacist connections.

Suspect Kenneth Morgan Stancil.
Suspect Kenneth Morgan Stancil.

Stancil is a white male, bald, with a tattoo over his left eye. He was armed with a rifle and was wearing a blue jacket and light pants at the time of the shooting, according to Q Notes.

Stancil’s mother, Debbie Jean Edwards Stancil, told WNCN that Lane had fired Stancil.

“I have the letter that showed he was terminated without consent,” she told WNCN. She also said Lane “made inappropriate sexual advances toward him.”

Police told WNCN said Stancil “has a distinctive tattoo on the left side of his face and the number 88 tattooed on his cheek. That number can represent “Heil Hilter” for neo-Nazis, since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.”