Gay political group endorses Romney

“At this critical juncture, we need a President with the experience and expertise to turn this economy around. Someone who knows how the free markets work – former Governor Mitt Romney is that candidate.”

For GOProud, the economy, and not a gay rights issue like employment nondiscrimination or marriage equality, is the single most important issue.

“Not only does President Obama not understand how the free markets work – he is openly hostile to free market capitalism,” continued LaSalvia. “President Obama’s repeated attacks on Governor Romney’s private sector record underscore this President’s fundamental lack of understanding of how our economy works. Instead of demonizing free markets, President Obama should be focused on creating an economic environment that encourages free market investments and creates jobs.”

LaSalvia acknowledged that Romney’s current positions on gay rights issues make him a less-than-desirable candidate for gay voters but vowed to continue pressuring the Republican to drop support for a federal marriage amendment.

“We don’t agree with Governor Romney on every single issue – indeed with disagree strongly with him on his support for a federal marriage amendment and we have urged Romney publicly to take bolder and more conservative stances on tax reform, entitlement reform and spending,” said LaSalvia.

Two GOProud boardmembers voted against the endorsement, according the group.

“Given the vote on our board, obviously not everyone in our organization will agree with this endorsement, and we respect that,” LaSalvia said.


Top photo: Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (via Facebook)