Georgia General Election Results

This article will be updated periodically until winners are all announced. Numbers currently reflect 99 percent of ballots cast. Courtesy of Politico. Last update: Nov. 7, 12:09pm. 


Presidential Election  – Georgia 

Republican Donald Trump: 49.3 percent

Democrat Joe Biden: 49.5 percent


Presidential Election – National 

Republican Donald Trump: 214 electoral votes

Democrat Joe Biden: 284 electoral votes WINNER 


U.S. Senate 

Republican David Perdue: 49.8 percent RUNOFF 

Democrat Jon Ossoff: 47.8 percent RUNOFF 

Republican Kelly Loeffler: 26.5 percent RUNOFF 

Democrat Raphael Warnock: 31.9 percent RUNOFF 


U.S. House 

1st District 

Republican Buddy Carter: 60.7 percent WINNER

Democrat Joyce Marie Griggs: 39.3 percent

2nd District 

Republican Donald Cole: 41.6 percent

Democrat Sanford Bishop: 58.4 percent WINNER 

3rd District 

Republican Drew Ferguson: 65.3 percent WINNER 

Democrat Val Almonord: 34.7 percent

4th District 

Republican Johsie Ezammudeen: 20.6 percent

Democrat Hank Johnson: 79.4 percent WINNER 

5th District 

Republican Angela Stanton-King: 15 percent

Democrat Nikema Williams: 85 percent WINNER 

6th District 

Republican Karen Handel; 46.5 percent

Democrat Lucy McBath: 53.5 percent WINNER 

7th District

Republican Rich McCormick: 48.8 percent

Democrat Caroline Bourdeaux: 51.2 percent WINNER 

8th District

Republican Austin Scott: 66 percent WINNER

Democrat Lindsay Holliday: 34 percent

9th District 

Republican Andrew Clyde: 79.3 percent WINNER

Democrat Devin Pandy: 20.7 perent

10th District 

Republican Jody Hice: 62.4 percent WINNER 

Democrat Tabitha Johnson-Green: 37.6 percent

11th District 

Republican Barry Loudermilk: 61.1 percent WINNER 

Democrat Dana Barrett: 38.9 percent

12th District 

Republican Rick Allen: 58.5 percent WINNER 

Democrat Liz Johnson: 41.5 percent

13th District 

Republican Becky Hites: 23.1 percent

Democrat David Scott: 76.9 percent WINNER 

14th District 

Republican Marjorie Greene: 74.8 percent WINNER 

Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal: 25.2 percent