House Votes to Block Funding for Transgender Military Ban

The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday (June 18) to block President Trump’s move to ban transgender people from military service, reported NBC News.

The amendment, which passed by a 243-183 vote, will block the Pentagon from using funds to implement the ban. Nine Republicans joined the Democrats in passing the amendment.

“With so much anger and so much hate in the world today, it is time to be kind to people,” said Rep. Peter Visclosky.

Rep. Ken Calvert, a Republican opponent of the amendment, said it “risks undermining the readiness of our military at a time when we can least afford it.”

However, Rep. Anthony Brown said that is the same argument made when the armed forces were segregated.

“The President and his administration wrongfully argue that it’s about mikitary readiness and unit cohesion, but these arguments are the same ones that were made to keep the military racially segregated,” said Brown. “My service in an integrated armed forces did not harm readiness, and neither does the service of the more than 14,000 transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. Transgender service members increase lethality, readiness. They have served honorably and have received prestigious commendations.

GLAAD called on the Sen. Mitch McConnell to allow the Senate to vote on the amendment.

The military is said to be the largest employer of transgender people in the country with about 14,700 transgender people estimated to be on active duty before the ban.