HRC Releases Data Detailing the Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Latinx LGBTQ People

New data from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) show that Latinx LGBTQ are disproportionately likely to experience a negative economic impact from COVID-19.

The research, released in partnership with PSB Insights, reveals the staggering impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the employment and income of Latinx LGBTQ people. The data show that 40 percent of Latinx LGBTQ respondents had their work hours reduced because of COVID-19, compared to 32 percent of Latinx respondents, 27 percent of LGBTQ respondents, and 21 percent of the general population.

Twenty percent of Latinx LGBTQ respondents completely lost their job and became unemployed due to the pandemic, compared to 16 percent of Latinx respondents, 15 percent of LGBTQ respondents, and 11 percent of the general population.

These economic hardships have resulted in financial challenges for many: 38 percent of Latinx LGBTQ respondents have had to make changes to their household budgets (compared to 33 percent Latinx, 30 percent LGBTQ, and 26 percent general population), and 13 percent have had to ask for delays in paying their rent (compared to nine percent Latinx, 11 percent LGBTQ, and seven percent general population).

These findings indicate how the intersections of marginalization can materialize into more financial strain and hardship, says HRC President Alphonso David.

“This new research shows that Latinx LGBTQ people are suffering a disproportionate impact when it comes to the economic fallout of COVID-19,” David said. “As we celebrate Latinx heritage month, we must acknowledge that those living at the intersections of multiple marginalized identities face harsher consequences of the pandemic. Policymakers must take heed and provide equitable relief solutions commensurate to the challenges that LGBTQ people of color are facing.”

You can read HRC’s full research brief here.