Information on Transgender Employees Removed from Federal Website

Information protecting transgender people in the workplace was removed from the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) website, reported NCRM.

The page, created under the Obama administration, used to provide detailed guidance regarding the employment of transgender people in the workplace. The previous version contained a breakdown of terms regarding the transgender community as well as useful policies to enact in order for employers to treat their trans employees with respect.

Now, the page is more generic, with no mention of transgender people at all. The terminology section has been removed and much of the transgender-specific guidance, if not also removed, has been reworded.

The page previously said that once a transitioning employee has begun working full-time in their desired gender, “agencies should treat the employee as that gender for purposes of all job assignments and duties.”

Now, the page reads that employees should be stationed for assignments and duties “in accordance to the individual’s biological sex, consistent with the plain meaning of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Earlier this week, in another move against the transgender community, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to bypass the usual legal process and issue a quick ruling on barring transgender people from serving in the military. The order would reverse an Obama-era policy which allowed transgender citizens to serve openly and receive funding for sex-reassignment surgery.