Louis C.K. Makes Fun of Non Binary Kids and Uses Gay Slur in Leaked Set

A comedy set of disgraced comedian Louis C.K. was leaked which shows him mocking non binary people and using an anti-gay slur, reported Variety.

In the set, which he performed at Governor’s Comedy Club in New York on December 16, C.K. details the ways he finds this generation of young people obnoxious, including struggling with gender identity.

“’You should address me as ‘they them’ because I identify as gender neutral,’” the comedian said in a mocking tone. “Okay, you should address me as ‘there’ because I identify as a location, and that location is your mother’s c***.”

C.K. also used a gay slur, referring to his doctor as “as old Jewish f**.”

The set included numerous other problematic and offensive jokes. He reportedly made fun of the Parkland shooting survivors: “You’re not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot. Why does that mean I have to listen to you?” He also joked at length about “retarded” people.

The comedian reportedly addressed the controversial jokes in the set, saying he knew they would provoke controversy but has nothing left to lose. “My life is over. I don’t give a s***,” he said.

C.K. has been in the news recently after five women made allegations of sexual assault against him. The women alleged he masturbated in front of them without consent and exposed himself to them, also without consent. The comedian lost his production deal with FX Networks and had to cancel the release of his new film “I Love You, Daddy” because of the scandal.