Maine holds vote to ban “gay cure therapy”

The legislature of Maine has voted to formally ban the so-called “gay cure therapy.”

Representative Ryan Fecteau, who is openly gay, sponsored the therapy ban. The law bars mental and medical health practitioners from applying the “therapy” on young people.

The statute’s goal is to stop mental health professionals from compelling children to alter their gender identity or sexual orientation.

It is unknown whether the current governor, Paul LePage (R), will sign the law. During his time in office, LePage has attempted to block guidelines which would protect trans students.

Additionally, according to Pink News, in 2016, “the Governor refused to apologise to a lawmaker” who he called a homophobic slur in a voicemail.

If the vote goes through and is signed, Maine will join many other states who have banned the pseudo-therapy, including Rhode Island, California, Oregon, and New Jersey.

The practice is illegal in multiple European countries and in two provinces of Canada.