Majority of Americans Support Equality Act

Recent polling from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Public Relation Research Institute (PRRI), and Equality Virginia found that a growing majority of Americans support LGBTQ equality and federal non-discrimination laws, like the potential Equality Act.

A study done by PRRI found that 71 percent of Americans support the Equality Act and other pro-LGBTQ laws like it.

This support isn’t found only in Democrats. Equality Virginia found that 55 percent of Republican primary voters said it should be against the law to discriminate in housing against LGBTQ individuals. 59 percent said the same for public employment.

The Equality Act, if passed, will provide non-discrimination protections for sexual and gender minorities in areas like employment, public accommodations, and housing.

Not only do a majority of Americans believe the LGBTQ community should be federally protected, but they also oppose the Trump Administration’s reported plan to narrow the definition of gender. Post-election polling done by HRC found that 60 percent of 2018 midterm voters opposed this move.

“Equality is a winning issue,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “In poll after poll, we see that more and more Americans are calling for their family, friends, and neighbors to be treated with respect and dignity, and increasingly rejecting lawmakers who attach the LGBTQ community.”

“No one should ever be discriminated against because of who they are or who they love,” Griffin continued. “With a majority of the American people already supporting these common-sense protections, it’s time for Congress to catch up and finally pass the Equality Act.”