Mormon Church Announces Opposition to Equality Act

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), widely known as the Mormon Church, has joined other Christian churches in coming out in opposition to the Equality Act.

The church said in a statement to NBC News that the legislation wouldn’t “meet the standards of fairness for all” because it “provides no protections for religious freedom.”

“[The Equality Act] would threaten religious employment standards, devastate religious education, [and] defund numerous religious charities,” LDS said in the statement. The church argued the importance of religious groups and schools having the right to maintain standards based on faith – a right they feel the Equality Act threatens.

The church further contended that while they did support the LGBTQ community and “reasonable” measures to protect their access to housing, employment, and public accommodations, these measures shouldn’t infringe upon religious freedom.

The Mormon Church has recently made moves to be more inclusive of LGBTQ members, including not opposing a proposed ban on conversion therapy in Utah and dropping its ban on the baptism of children with LGBTQ parents.

LDS joins the Southern Baptist Convention and the Roman Catholic Church in opposing the legislation.