Nine Companies that Bore Rainbows During Pride Donated to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

Fear “rainbow capitalism” is more profit-fueled than genuine? You may be right; a study from Progressive Shopper found that nine corporations who celebrated Pride month with rainbow products donated $1 million or more to anti-LGBTQ politicians in the last election cycle.

Atlanta’s own Home Depot was one of these nine corporations, along with General Electric, FedEx, UBS, Verizon, Pfizer, AT&T, UPS, and Comcast.

All nine companies received a perfect score in this year’s Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, despite supporting anti-LGBTQ candidates over the last two years.

A petition was created by LGBTQ advocacy group All Out in response to the study addressed to the CEOs of the largest contributors – AT&T, UPS, and Comcast – demanding they put their money where their mouth is.

“Your companies make an effort to show support to the LGBTQ movement,” the petition reads. “But you also donate millions of dollars to members of Congress who received the worst score on HRC’s Congressional Scorecard – and who have a long track record of anti-LGBTQ positions. We urge you to show your true commitment as allies to the LGBTQ movement and to cease your financial support for politicians who try to harm the lives of LGBTQ Americans.”

The petition currently has 8,670 signatures of its 10,000 goal.