No movement yet on marriage before the Supreme Court

SCOTUSBlog, a website that covers the Supreme Court, reported today that the court could make an announcement regarding the cases at the end of the week.

The Court later Monday morning posted on its electronic docket the rescheduling of the cases for consideration at the Justices’ Conference this Friday morning. An announcement could come after that session or on the following Monday. The cases are being closely monitored by both advocates and foes of same-sex marriages.

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin recently told GA Voice he believed the Supreme Court would issue the final word on marriage equality.

“I believe that ultimately this issue will be decided before the U.S. Supreme Court,” Griffin said. “These important civil rights issues have always come about before the court. The momentum is important. It’s quite clear where the country is headed on these issues.”


Top photo: The Supreme Court of the United States of America (by Franz Jantzen via