Republican Lawmaker Blames Mass Shootings on LGBTQ Advocates

A Republican state lawmaker from Ohio has blamed mass shootings on transgender, same-sex marriage, and drag queen advocates, reported Dayton Daily News.

In the wake of the two mass shootings this weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Candice Keller posted a now-deleted controversial post to Facebook placing “the blame where it belongs.”

She went on to blame “the breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates).”

Keller also blamed the high incidence of mass shootings in America on a number of other things, including “the ignoring of violent video games,” “open borders,” “the acceptance of recreational marijuana,” and “the Dem Congress, many members of whom are openly anti-Semitic.”

Keller has been in the spotlight before for her previous comments on gun violence. In 2018, she called a 15-year-old shooting survivor of the Parkland shooting “would just as soon be eating Doritos and playing video games.”

“[Keller] loves to fan the flames and play the role of victim here, not the nine people who were killed,” said Butler County Democratic Chairman Brian Hester. “She is fundamentally unfit for office. She is an embarrassment to her party, to conservatives, to Butler County, and to the state Legislature.”

The representative told Dayton Daily News that “there needs to be a time for healing before we lash out at the Constitution and one another.” She went on to call the Ohio shooting tragic, stunning, and alarming.