Same-Sex Kiss Makes History at Thanksgiving Day Parade

Two women kissed in a performance for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade yesterday (November 22), which may be the first ever same-sex kiss broadcast during the Thanksgiving Day parade, reported Gay Star News.

Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla kissed during the performance of The Prom, a new musical on Broadway about a gay girl who is banned from taking her girlfriend to the prom in a small town.

“The first #LGBTQ kiss in the parade’s history,” wrote cast member Josh Lamon on Twitter. “We here at @ThePromMusical have never been so proud. #LoveIsLove.”

Many complained about NBC airing the lesbian kiss.

“Thanks for all the unexpected, uncomfortable, INAPPROPRIATE conversations that now have to take place [with] kids before anyone can eat,” said one person on Twitter.

“To all of my Christian brothers and sisters in Chirst turn off the Macy’s Homo Parade,” wrote another.

“Nothing is wholesome and off limits now Push it all you want hellwood, it’s still an abomination, and it shouldn’t be in a Thanksgiving parade!”

Linda Harvey, anti-LGBTQ activist and founder of Mission America, called for a boycott of Macy’s after the kiss, calling it an “abomination.”

However, the kiss garnered a lot of support on social media as well.

Many expressed gratitude to NBC for the representation. “I am thankful for NBC supporting queer girl representation on network tv,” wrote one Twitter user.

Others had hopes for more diverse representation in next year’s parade. “Perhaps next year, Macy’s will celebrate diversity by saluting gender fluid couples or polyamorous relationships,” tweeted another supported of the kiss.