Second-Oldest Women’s College Will Admit Trans Women

The second-oldest women’s college in the U.S., Stephens College, is now accepting transgender women as students, according to Inside Higher Ed.

The 185-year-old Missouri university’s policy on trans students says that the college’s undergraduate residential women’s program will “admit and enroll students who were not born female, but who identify and live as women.”

However, one group of trans women who won’t be accepted are those self-identified only, as “students will need to provide legal documentation that they are legally women or that they are transitioning to female,” according to the policy.

Because of this expansion of the school’s definition of woman, transgender men will consequently not be admitted into the college.

According to an email sent to students and staff announcing the policy, the decision to make the change was unanimous.

This policy has been in the works since 2014 and will go into effect Fall semester of 2019 only for those not already enrolled.

According to Gay Star News, Stephens College joins Wellesley College, Bryn Mawr, and Barnard College in allowing trans women.