Super Tuesday Exit Polls Show Bernie Sanders as Winner Among LGBTQ Voters

Exit polls from twelve of the fourteen Super Tuesday voting states found that Bernie Sanders walked away with more votes from self-identified LGBTQ voters than any other candidate, according to NBC News.

The poll found that around one in ten voters identified as LGBTQ—39 percent of whom voted for Sanders.

Six in ten all LGBTQ votes went to the two progressive candidates: Sen. Elizabeth Warren garnered 21 percent of the queer and trans vote, a little more than half Sanders’ support. However, Warren announced Thursday morning (March 5) that she would be suspending her campaign due to a poor overall Super Tuesday showing.

The two centrists in the race, former Vice President Joe Biden and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, received 19 percent and eight percent of the LGBTQ vote, respectively. Bloomberg has since suspended his campaign.

Pete Buttigieg garnered six percent of the queer vote, despite also ending his campaign prior to Super Tuesday, due to early voting.

Among non-LGBTQ voters, however, Biden was the winner, receiving 35 percent of votes. Sanders followed with 29 percent, followed by Bloomberg with 13 percent and Warren with 12 percent.