Texas GOP reaffirms homophobic planks in party platform

The Texas Republican Convention, held in San Antonio this past weekend, decided to reaffirm the state party’s long-term allegiance to homophobic policy.

Among the platforms adopted by the conservative group: the discredited practice of conversion therapy, also called “ex-gay” therapy, on young persons.

The party calls for the repeal of any and all local nondiscrimination statutes which protect LGBTQ persons. The platform states that small business owners should have the freedom to discriminate on the basis of “religion.”

The platform also mandates that the party oppose efforts to “validate transgender identity.”

In its platform, the state party also called for the abolition of the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling, and for the revocation of the state’s hate crimes legislation.

According to OutSmart Magazine, “In response to the efforts of the Log Cabin Republicans, delegates removed an especially heinous anti-gay sentence from the platform stating that, ‘Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental truths that have been ordained by God in the Bible.'”

The platform may be read here.