Trans Protester Interrupts Jeff Sessions’ Speech

A trans advocate interrupted U.S. Attorney General Jess Sessions’ speech at a Federalist Society event in Boston, reported Gay Star News.

The speech on religious liberty was interrupted when the advocate revealed a trans pride flag, bearing pink, blue, and white stripes and a written message: “Not erased.” The protester yelled, “We will not be erased!”

The protest was in reference to the Trump administration’s proposition to narrow the definition of gender to only include male or female, which would “erase” the recognition of transgender individuals.

People took to social media to protest the proposal with the hashtag #WontBeErased. Lady Gaga was one of many to use the hashtag. Transgender actress Laverne Cox tweeted the hashtag along with a message to vote “yes” on Question 3 in Massachusetts. Caitlyn Jenner tagged President Trump in an image bearing the message, “Trans people won’t be erased,” on Twitter.

Image posted by Caitlyn Jenner on Twitter.

The advocate expressed the same sentiment in his protest. He was eventually removed from the event by law enforcement.

The speech was interrupted twice more: once, by a United Methodist who recited a Bible verse about accepting strangers (referring to the administrations no-tolerance immigration policy), and another time by a Baptist pastor, who also recited a Bible verse.