Transgender Flag Emoji Finally Coming in 2020

Finally, a transgender flag emoji (along with a handful of other inclusive emojis) will be coming to phones everywhere in 2020.

Unicode’s newest Emoji 13.0 update, which includes 64 new emojis, includes the transgender pride flag and symbol, a man and gender-neutral person in a wedding veil, a woman and gender-neutral person in a tuxedo, a gender neutral Mx. Claus, and a gender-neutral person holding a baby.

Courtesy of Emojipedia

On social media, people rejoiced at the final inclusion of the flag.

The transgender flag comes four years after the rainbow pride flag was introduced in 2016. It is the latest move towards inclusivity among emojis, which has included adding more diversity in skin tone, disability-friendly emojis, and gender-neutral people.

Other emojis included in the update include a ninja, an anatomical heart, a black cat, a potted plant, and bubble tea. See all 64 additions here.