Trump pushes back against trans prisoner protections

The Administration of President Trump has announced it will reverse rules designed to protect transgender prisoners. The rules allow trans prisoners to use facilities (specifically, cell blocks and bathrooms) which match gender identity.

The standards were initially instituted by the Obama Administration. The rules were designed to protect trans inmates from abuse and sexual assault.

The Trump strike against trans prisoner is part of large-scale effort by the Administration to attack LGBT+ protections on multiple levels.

Earlier this month, it was claimed that the U. S. Small Business Administration surreptitiously removed LGBT+ resources from the Web.

The recent change was in part spurred by a lawsuit filed by four Texas prisoners who are evangelical Christians.

The government’s Bureau of Prisons Transgender Offender Manual will use “biological sex” as determiner of facility-assignment, but say that authorities may designate a facility for “identified gender” in “rare cases.”