New owners of Out magazine and the Advocate found to have donated to anti-LGBTQ politicians, reported WWD.

Founders and operators of Oreva Capital, stepbrothers Adam Levin and Maxx Abramowitz, acquired the two LGBTQ publications under the umbrella of PRIDE media last September.

WWD found that Levin has donated to a numerous Republicans who have taken anti-LGBTQ stances, like supporting religious-based discrimination. These Republicans include Devin Nunes, Dean Heller, and Josh Mandel.

The two owners are also the chief executive officer and lead investor, respectively, of High Times magazine parent High Times Holdings.

High Times praised Dana Rohrabacher on its yearly list of cannabis supporters.

Rohrabacher has recently said gay people can be denied the right to home-ownership and has consistently opposed legal advancements for the LGBTQ community.

3 Responses

  1. Eli Rivera

    Great just what we need. Although the owner of Los Angeles rags The Edge and later Frontiers were owned by Mark Hundahl the former owner of gay club the Probe until his death. He was straight and just in it for the money and to exploit the gay dollar as a buisness tool.

  2. Greg Gibbs

    Not cool, Out & About! It pays to do research into who you support. I suppose the real question is ‘Have you?’ Make this right or suffer the consequence of losing many readers and subscribers!

  3. GaysofNewYork

    Share this and help boycott these People making money off LGBTQ People to support ANTI LGBTQ People….
    we will get the word out more, and put them out of business… ️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍


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