In just a few months, transwomen will learn whether or not they will be able to apply to Spelman College. The college’s Board of Trustees is expected to take a vote at the end of this fiscal year, according to a statement issued to Georgia Voice from Spelman’s Office of Communications.

“The Spelman College Transgender Policy Task force presented its recommendations to the Board of Trustees in late April,” the statement said. “We want to allow the full integrated process to come to a conclusion before commenting further.”

The task force was convened last fall after Spelman President Mary Schmidt Campbell as part of her commitment to expanding the college’s Title IX policies and practices. In a “welcome back” letter she wrote, Schmidt Campbell said it was one of two important such groups she planned to start.

According to the school’s website, the group was tasked with developing a policy recommendation “regarding the consideration of admission eligibility and enrollment of transgender students” at the historically black women’s college.

Task force members include Dean of Students Fran’Cee Brown McClure, interim Provost Myra Burnett, professors, students and alumnae.

“The task force’s comprehensive, inclusive and thorough process has thus far included: in-depth analysis of the legal and compliance issues related to Title IX and transgender students; numerous consultations with faculty, students, staff and alumnae groups; detailed reviews of existing policies at other women’s colleges; and examinations of the scholarly research and literature on gender identity,” the school’s statement said.

Trans activists who graduated from Morehouse College and Spelman College react to the August 2016 task force announcement:

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  1. Cynthia Feaster

    I think that it is a very bad idea to admit trans”women” to Spelman College and I hope that the Board of Trustees doesn’t NOT listen to Mary S. Campbell and her quest to destroy the traditional mission and vision of Spelman College. I was NEVER in favor of her becoming the president of Spelman in the first place. I really don’t care that she came from New York University. NYU is a VERY different school from Spelman. That is part of Campbell’s problem and disconnect with an HBCU like Spelman, and the committee that voted to install her as president in my view, made the first of many mistakes regarding Campbell. I am hard pressed to find ANYTHING that she has done since becoming president, to enhance the quality of educational offerings for African American young women scholars, and campus life at Spelman since she has become president. What I have seen instead, is a growing polarization between gay women and straight women at Spelman, led by some campus professors who should know better and Campbell with her convoluted ideas about female sexuality. The fact that she and others are now trying to make these views Spelman College official policy is outrageous. In all due respect to trans “women,” they may use the term “woman” to refer to themselves but in actual fact, they are physiologically NOT females. Their presence on campus will cause a myriad of problems. The second mistake the Board of Trustees is making, is letting Campbell spout these beliefs as if admitting trans “women” to Spelman College is somehow going to make it a more viable and intellectually vibrant campus. This is pure fiction and nonsense. I hope that members of the Board of Trustees have the courage, sense of history and true dedication to the traditional mission and vision of Spelman College not to allow this to happen. Sometimes you have to say, “No not at this time. Perhaps we will revisit this proposal in the future.” Is that so difficult to say to Campbell and her cohort who want to ruin Spelman? If it is, then SHE needs to move on and find somewhere else to peddle her ideas. There is NO dearth of leadership talent in the African American community of university scholars and administrators, and I am confident that the Board of trustees can find someone who is a better fit to be president of Spelman College, if they cannot get campbell to change her “vision” for the Spelman campus community. .


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