Taiwanese LGBTQ Couples Celebrate Marriage Equality with Mass Same-Sex Wedding

Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage on May 17. After the law went into effect today (May 24), Taiwanese LGBTQ couples celebrated by finally getting married.

166 couples were registered to marry at the mass same-sex wedding.

Shane Lin and Yuan Shan-Ming were one of the first couples to marry in Taipei after being together for about twelve years. Their marriage was officiated by LGBTQ activist Chi Chia-wei, who sported a rainbow headband. He used the same pen President Tsai Ing-wen used to sign marriage equality into law.

“I am very proud of my country for being so advanced,” Lin said in a video from Bloomberg.


Lesbian couple Chun-peng Chou and Meng-huan Lin, as well as Amber Wang and Kristin Huang, were also one of the first to get married.



“We hope, through the protection of marriage, we can enjoy the rights and obligations we deserve,” Huang said.

Three couples, one straight, gay, and lesbian, celebrated marriage equality by getting married at the same time.