The Other Show raised more than $3,000 in a week to go toward an art project including making a short film.

The Other Show raised more than $3,000 in a week to go toward an art project including making a short film.

It only took one week for the Other Show to raise more than $3,000 as part of a Kickstarter campaign titled “Help Illuminate the Other Show,” a project that promises to take the daring drag show to another realm ― the movies.

Hoping to raise $2,500 in one month, the drag show exceeded its goal in just one week, overwhelming the entire cast, saysEdie Cheezburger, who founded the Other Show in 2012 with Jaye Lish. The popular drag show is held every Friday night at Jungle and includes divas Violet Chachki, Miami Royale, Evah Destruction and Celeste Holmes.

“We were worried about getting $1,000. We just want to thank everybody who donated, who comes to the shows and supports us. Traditionally we don’t get paid very much, but we want to give back to the local community,” Cheezburger says. “It just shows how much support there is for local talent.”

The Other Show is working with artists Jon Dean and Blake England to bring their stage show into the digital world with a short film and also a photographic series. Dean and England are two of the many artists behind the successful Legendary Children art exhibit that captured many of Atlanta’s rising drag queen icons.

“We have a concept but we’re not going to release that yet. We want it to be a surprise,” says Cheezburger, who like any great drag queen, keeps her secrets tucked close to her, er, chest.

There is no release date yet, but when the film is done there will be a screening to culminate with a grand performance piece and huge party.

“We want to make make art that transcends from the stage to a digital space,” she explains. “This is a conceptual piece. We are doing all of the styling, we have a color palette, imagery and a theme as well as a loose story line,” she says. “We are taking the Other Show to this different level. Everyone is going to see a new side of us ― as serious actresses.”
The Other Show Kickstarter campaign

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