What Now Atlanta is again breaking news with info that gay bar Burkhart’s is the only restaurant to have failed a health inspection in August.

From its story:

In August, Burkhart’s was the only Fulton business to receive a failing score. As devoted fans and critics of our failed health inspections column, it is rare to have just one failure in a sea of 200 plus inspections (and technically, Burkhart’s isn’t even a restaurant.)


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Burkhart’s racked up awards at this year’s Best of Atlanta awards put on by GA Voice, collecting top honors in Best Drag Show (the Armorettes performing there every Sunday), Best Overall Bar, and Best Bartender.

UPDATE Sept. 9: Management of Burkhart’s contacted the GA Voice to say it had passed a follow-up inspection on Aug. 25 and provided the new scoring sheet:

health score

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  1. Steve Tallas

    Had anyone bothered to research this piece they would know that first:

    This inspection was the result of a complaint registered with the health department from a disgruntled employee.


    The failing scores were the direct result of an employee disrespecting the inspector.


    The failing score (which was corrected in less than a week) was the first failure in twenty five years with those years being all A’s and one B.

    Whatever moves papers I guess.

  2. Don Hunnewell

    STAY CALM AND PAY ATTENTION. Yes I am a bit biased since I’ve been a customer for over 20 years and additionally I perform inventory services for them. I’ve performed hundreds of liquor inventories and I am constantly in and out of their walk-in and kitchen and I would say they have one of the very best run kitchens and cleanest facilities I’ve ever been in. For years I inspected school lunch rooms while working for D.O.E. as a Nutrition Consultant and I’ve taught food safety and sanitation classes with an emphasis on cross contamination and proper food storage. I’ve worked with many, many health inspectors for the northern third of Georgia and I am pleased to announce that Fulton County has recently been very aggressive (and they need to be) in their inspections and have failed many of our favorite establishments. Check out their web site at http://ga.state.gegov.com/georgia/search.cfm?1=1&f=s
    And you will find 426 listings for a “U” search and here are just a few:
    Johnny Rockets (Alabama St.)
    Azio (Peachtree Center)
    Bamboo Luau’s (Cheshire Bridge Rd.)
    Max Lagers (Peachtree next to Fox)
    Highland Tap (North Highland)
    Nuevo Laredo (Chattahoochee Ave)
    Roxx (Cheshire Bridge)
    Strip (18th Street Atlantic Station)
    Mulan (Juniper Street)
    Ria’s Bluebird (Memorial Dr)
    Georgia Tech Hotel Kitchen (Spring St.)
    Piedmont Hospital Cafeteria (Piedmont)
    Maggiano’s (Peachtree Rd)
    Davio’s Italian Steakhouse (P’tree Rd)
    Waffle House (Cheshire Bridge)
    Little Bangkok (Cheshire Bridge)
    Pure Taqueria (N. Highland Ave)
    Il Localino (N. Highland Ave)
    Zuma (Highland Ave)
    Mali (Amsterdam)
    El Azteca (Peachtree St.)
    Surin of Thailand (N. Highland)
    Piccadilly (Howell Mill)
    The Ballroom At Twelve (17th St.)
    Shout (Peachtree St)
    El Taco (N. Highland)
    Taco Bell (CNN Center)
    No Mas! Cantina (Walker St)
    Two Urban Licks (Ralph McGill)
    Marlow’s Tavern (West Peachtree)
    Cheyenne Grill (Peachtree Rd)
    Ray’s on the River (Powers Ferry)
    South City Kitchen (Crescent Ave)
    Kiri (Monroe Dr)
    Joe’s on Juniper (Juniper)
    Room at Twelve (West Peachtree)
    East Andrews Cafe (E. Andrews)
    Wisteria (N. Highland)
    Little Azio (Northside)
    Multiple Waffle Houses
    Rice Box (Monroe Dr)
    Bamboo Luau (Cheshire Bridge)
    Ru San’s (Piedmont)
    Mi Cocina (Peachtree St)
    I’m very happy that Fulton County is being aggressive but please look carefully at the reports and you’ll find some very interesting notes that make even the most experienced Owner/Manager/Chef rightfully worry. And if you want to be in this business be prepared for a disgruntled ex-chef or line cook. Just sayin’ this and many other great kitchens are sometimes targeted. With that said, I’m going to continue to eat at Roxx’s, Joes on Juniper, No Mas Cantina, Two Urban Licks, South City Kitchen, Kiri, LIttle Bankok, Rias, Nuevo Laredo, Burkharts, and many great restaurants have had bad days with the Fulton County Health Inspectors.

    • Atlanta Foodie

      very strange, huh, that MANY wonderful restaurants have gotten failing scores in the last 2 years… but oddly never before that… hmmm… also odd that What Now Atlanta never bothers to report the REASONS for the scores, which are clearly written on the reports. 95% of the failing grades are due to obscure FDA regulations only recently being applied to restaurants, and not taught in any of the “Serve Safe” classes required of every restaurant manager. For instance, stacking freezers in the wrong order. Not labeling sinks as “handwashing” or “dishes”. Etc.
      Also not acknowledged — that after addressing these new regulations, the restaurants pass their 2nd inspection. EVERY SELF-RESPECTING CHEF and restaurant manager WANTS to comply with all these rules!
      What Now Atlanta is yellow journalism, or “clickhole” click-at-any-cost publishing — along with any other media outlet that trumpets failing 1st inspections (particularly in the last 2 years since the City health inspectors adopted FDA rules), without waiting to see what the 2nd inspection rates.
      Blogging about something without bothering to research or understand it, is either purposefully misleading, or just idiotic.


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