There’s something about spinning records for thousands of Atlanta Gay Pride revelers —along with a few sharks, penguins and manta rays — that fills DJ Martin Fry with giddiness.

“In general, I feel like a kid in a candy store being able to play these events,” says Fry, who returns to the Georgia Aquarium on Oct. 8 for the Atlanta Pride kick-off party.

“Last year at the aquarium was an excellent experience for me,” Fry says of the inaugural party at one of Atlanta’s premiere attractions. “I never expected the massive turnout that we had, nor the positive feeling that seemed to be resonating throughout the crowd.”

The early evening set at the Georgia Aquarium, which runs from 6:30-11:30 p.m., is a unique way to get the Pride party weekend started, as attendees can view the aquarium’s exhibits and enjoy cocktails, while others sweat it out on the Atrium dance floor.

“The type of feeling I’m going for at this year’s event, is an up-beat, fun and energetic mood,” Fry says. “Being a Pride kick-off party, I want to keep it light, lively and entertaining.

“For some the music is just background noise, for others, it’s on the top of their list,” Fry adds. “So my goal will be to try and build the vibe as the night goes on, and if I’m able to reach the crowd and get everyone on the same page, I believe it will be a enjoyable night.”

Playing at such an esteemed venue can be somewhat surreal, but gay people partying in the crown jewel of Atlanta fills Fry with pride.

“I feel very privileged and excited to be able to DJ at the aquarium again,” he says. “It’s such an amazing space that we are able to use, and if any city deserves a venue like this [for Pride], it’s Atlanta.”

The opening festivities aptly shift from the Georgia Aquarium to Jungle for the official after-party, “Best of the 80s,” where DJ Ed Bailey will be behind the turntables.

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