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Human Pride: Our Time, Our Movement

I want to talk seriously about the Human Pride Movement. At a time of increasing unrest, we cannot forget our purpose and values. Pride Month is not a time to simply decorate your corporate brand or to party hard with friends. Pride is also a time to dig deep into why our work is important and nowhere near done.


We live in an unprecedented time for gay people. Never have we been so visible and embraced across the globe. But this freedom fuels long-standing fears that the LGBTQ community will destroy the fabric of “decent” society altogether. Do not be a fool. This is still a fight, not just here in the United States, but globally where our kind is under constant attack.


Why? Because we can bind all people together across a common set of ethics and love that offers a way of improved life that modern religions and governments often fail to provide.


Our movement is one for ALL of humanity. Through the LGBTQ community, the nations can be greatly blessed. We can be the spark that raises the bar for all of humanity to operate at its very best.


Let me humbly demonstrate this in what I believe to be our mission and our values:


The Human Pride Movement seeks the unconditional love of all humans in their authentic variations, especially identity and sexuality. Our Human Pride Mission is incomplete without this code of six values to shape it:


Authenticity. We embrace truth as the highest form of love, as without honesty, a person cannot be known, nor can a person choose to truly love another in return. We deserve authenticity from others, and especially demand it of our leaders.


Joy. We celebrate the beauty of all aspects of life and choose to discover happiness in as many places as we can, even in our sufferings. We smile and we demand peace from our leaders.


Inclusivity. Again, our ranks include all humans. We embrace variety in our friendships and chosen family. We demand inclusivity to be evidenced in the lives of our leaders and the power structures of our country.


Generosity. We recognize and respect our varied advantages as people. We use our gifts to promote the good of other humans. We expect our leaders to give greatly.


Humility. We temper our pride. Our exuberance for self is strongly measured with the honoring of other perspectives. We will not parade our freedoms in identity and sexuality at the cost of the psychological safety of our children. Our leaders should balance love of self and their love of others.


Love. We love without condition. We love knowing all humans, including ourselves, are built with the capacity for both good and evil thoughts. However, we will not tolerate the abuse of love. Our leaders demonstrate love and defend it.


Refocusing on our Human Pride mission is crucial. Help me to manifest a day when each human is not only fed, educated, free and equal, but is also given the safety to become their true self. Such a time and place will be the ultimate victory for us all.


This Pride, it’s okay to party hard and buy your rainbow merch from your favorite brands. But be authentic, do it with joy, include others, be generous, be humble and above all … love! Demand more of yourself and your leaders to make this Human Pride dream a reality for future generations.


Helmut is the founder of The Gayly Dose, an Atlanta-based podcast that elicits vulnerable and honest dialogue about everyday and taboo topics that LGBTQ+ people aren’t having with each other … but should. Purposefully candid and brutally honest, the cast speaks on a range of topics, including gender norms, monogamy, body issues, coming out, dating apps, lesbian breakups, and growing up gay in the church. Listen and watch at Follow @thegaylydosepod.