Just Toby

Just Toby: A guide to partying in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve and beyond

So what is there to do in Atlanta to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Maybe you will find me taking photos along with my family at the Heretic for their annual Genesis White Party with opening DJ Mike Pope, headlined by DJ Alexander and hosted by the fabulous Angelica D’Paige. If that doesn’t interest you, almost every bar in Atlanta will have something for your liking. What I love about Atlanta is that you might not know what to do, but there is a plethora of events that one can do. You can go downtown and see the Peach Drop at the new location in Woodruff Park or head down to The Battery Atlanta for their huge live NYE party that includes live music and food.

Honestly, I think that this year for me I will try to enjoy the evening with family and maybe rest up a little because, to be honest, the party really is on New Year’s Day. I am more of a soccer fan but bitch when I tell you Jan. 1 is the day to party and enjoy with friends, it is! I can think of at least five football games happening that day, from the Rose Bowl to the Peach Bowl! I have been invited to more tailgating parties around these games than to celebrate New Year’s, which is just crazy!

One thing I am totes looking forward to doing on New Year’s Day is to make a list like many of you do about what goals I want to achieve in 2018 and where do I want to take my brand Just Toby — all while watching the infamous Rose Parade in Pasadena California. It’s a tradition of mine and many across the country to watch it; its almost like seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The whole parade brings a lot of joy and inspiration because it takes so many people to create such amazing floats and it really makes me think of things I could potentially do during the year.

Oh wait, there is another thing I really want to share with you all, and that is a project I am collaborating on called On Wednesday We Drag. This is a new ongoing weekly show at the Heretic created by Drag Mom Productions. The person behind this is Martha Caldwell, the mother of Bob the Drag Queen, winner of Season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The amazing part of this project is that it’s an early show were many can attend without staying out too late during the week. Bob the Drag Queen will be performing at the Jan. 3 show — I have worked with him a few times and he is such a talented queen. I remember being a fan of his way before he got into “Drag Race” and I am still a fan because bitch makes me laugh and forget about everything else going on.

Oh and should I mention that there is one show that has the same effect and that is The Other Show created by Edie Cheezburger. It was at the Jungle on Friday nights before the club closed last month. I can’t tell you much about the future plans, but you better know that this show will pop up again in 2018 and it’s going to be amazing; just make sure to either follow them on Facebook or get any updates on my Facebook page.

For now, I’m going to leave you all with best wishes and deepest gratitude for all your support, and I hope 2018 starts off with a bang!