“NEW YORK! I [love] U! You’re OFFICIALLY the coolest place on the planet!”

— Pop star Katy Perry, via Twitter, reacting to the New York Senate vote to legalize same sex marriage. (MTV News, June 25)

“Not that doing the right thing should be a matter of public opinion, but support for marriage equality is climbing toward the majority. Voices of fear are being shouted down, winds of change are blowing and we approach a crossroads of possibility where the need for leadership is critical. Two words of advice, then, for President Obama: Evolve faster.”

— Syndicated Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts, on how President Obama needs to speak out for marriage equality now (Daily Camera, July 4)

Outspoken: Katy Perry, Matilda Cuomo, FIFA and more

“He’ll always be my little man. When he puts his mind to something, he gets it done. He’s been like that since he was a boy.”

Matilda Cuomo, mother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, praising her son’s perseverance in pushing to legalize same-sex marriage, which he signed into law on June 24. (New York Daily News, July 2)

“Yes, the lesbians in our team were really a big problem. But since I’m coach of the Super Falcons, that has been cleared up. There are no more lesbian players on my team. I can not tolerate this dirty life.”

Eucharia Uche, coach of Nigeria’s Women’s World Cup soccer team. The Nigerian team is now out of World Cup competition after losing two games, including to host country Germany, whose team includes openly gay and bisexual players. (AFP, July 1)

“In light of the blatant discrimination, and even termination, of players ‘suspected’ of being gay, FIFA must publicly condemn this systematic discrimination, investigate the harassment, and take the necessary steps to end homophobia in the league.”

Online petition at www.allout.org/fifa that has garnered more than 40,000 signatures asking FIFA to denounce homophobia in soccer.

“FIFA is against all forms of discrimination.”

Tatjana Haenni, head of women’s competitions for soccer international governing body FIFA, on plans to meet with Nigerian coach Eucharia Uche. (AFP, July 1)