Outspoken: Kristin Chenoweth, Tony Perkins and more…

“God made us all equal. He made me short, he made someone gay, he made someone tall, whatever it is — it’s not a sin, it’s how we’re made.”

— Actress Kristin Chenoweth, in an interview noting that her high school boyfriend was gay and “he didn’t pleasure me in any way but he helped me pick out my prom dress.” (PrideSource.com, Aug. 29)

“They will not be satisfied until those who hold a traditional, natural view of marriage are completely silenced. … This is essentially man shaking his fist in the face of God and saying I don’t need you, that we will do it our way.”

— Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, complaining about gay marriage supporters in a recent radio broadcast. (On Top Magazine, Aug. 28)

“For me, the pressure comes from wanting to make sure we’re telling a good story. The political aspects — in terms of her being a gay character — are irrelevant to me because I’m just writing a good character.”

— “Batwoman” artist and co-writer J.H. Williams, discussing the character who was reintroduced as a lesbian in 2006, and next month becomes the first LGBT character with her own monthly series from a mainstream publisher. “Batwoman #1” debuts Sept. 14. (Advocate.com, Aug. 29)


Top photo: Actress Kristin Chenoweth (publicity photo)