Outspoken: Miley Cyrus, Rue McClanahan, Ted Haggard and more…

“Every man I know is watching this show — this live show — about lesbian lovers of Miami!”

—Man-hungry “Golden Girl” Blanche, played by Rue McClanahan, lamenting when ditzy Rose casts Blanche and Dorothy on a local TV segment about “women who love each other and sleep together.” McClanahan died June 3 at age 76. (Advocate.com, June 3)

“If you are straight, gay or bisexual, I want to walk through the scriptures with you.”

— Rev. Ted Haggard, who lost his conservative mega-church in 2006 after a scandal with a male prostitute, on the new church he is founding with his wife, Gayle. Haggard maintains he is straight and his same-sex desire came from being molested by a man. (The Guardian, June 6)

“One thing I stand for is hip hop music. And hip hop music knows no race, no color, no age, no gender, no sexual orientation — none of that.”

— Hip hop artist Wale speaking from the stage at DC Black Pride over Memorial Day Weekend. The performance drew controversy when one of Wale’s staffers initially canceled it, claiming he didn’t know Black Pride was an LGBT event. Wale apologized for the mishap. (Metro Weekly, June 1)


Top photo: Teenage performer Miley Cyrus (publicity photo)