Patrick Saunders: Spring arts and the path of most resistance

While it might not feel like it, spring is nearly upon us, and with that comes our annual Spring Arts Preview. We’ve scoured the city for the best bets to keep you entertained all through the season in music, movies, TV, theater and various other arts projects.

Included in the mix this issue is an interview with bisexual singer Vanessa Carlton, who may be best known for her pop hit “A Thousand Miles.” Though her sound has changed since then, we found out she still plays it for the fans who may only know her from that – but she always plays it first in the set to move on to her ensuing output.

We’ve also got 13 arts/theater picks, 13 film picks, 15 TV picks and 11 music picks for you. There are a few in there that I can’t wait to check out, including “Hedwig & The Angry Inch” at The Fox, the Swinging Richards documentary “All Male, All Nude” (hey, it’s art), “Archer,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Orange is the New Black,” Panic! At The Disco and PWR BTTM.

It can be overwhelming to line up so many arts events on your calendar, especially when you take into account that most of us are adding (or increasing the number of) rallies and marches to our schedules.

Yes, our dear president’s activities are inspiring many to engage in various forms of protest, but so many events are going on in that arena that it’s also hard to keep track of, just like the arts events.

To remedy that problem, we recommend checking out This is a project that was created courtesy of (surprise surprise) liberal firebrand Michael Moore. Just enter in your town or city in a search on The Resistance Calendar and up pops up a chronological list of all the rallies and marches scheduled near you, along with links to the event pages.

A quick glance at the Atlanta schedule shows three events coming up. There’s the Tax March taking place April 15 with location to be determined. This one’s to call on President Trump to act more transparently and release his tax returns, and organizers say it’s also about how corporate interests and the rich have more influence than people of color, women, immigrants, LGBTs and workers.

April 22 brings the March for Science Atlanta, kicking off in Candler Park. Organizers say this is a response to recent policy changes that have caused concerns among scientists, and people will march in coordination with other marches taking place the same day in towns and cities across the world.

Then there’s the Atlanta Rally for Education taking place May 6 downtown at the Georgia Department of Education. This is primarily in response to the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

So there’s plenty of opportunities to both satiate your arts fix and your First Amendment fix this spring. Choose wisely, or forget that and take part in them all for your best spring ever.